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Unable to play game Prince of Persia...Sands of time..

Ian Roe
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      13th Jan 2004
Prince Of Persia can be run on a MX440 using a program called
3DAnalyse, which forces the CPU to emulate the directx8 features on
the card that aren't supported. However, as the CPU is emulating the
tasks, the framerate (at least on my AthlonXP 1600+) is too low to
make the game any fun. My advice is to either take the game back to
the shop or upgrade the video card.

Btw, IMHO the MX440 is a great card for the price, and plenty powerful
enough for current games, as long as the settings are in the
low/medium range, with no AA. The reason POP doesn't work is simply
that the card does not support certain dx8 features. TomsHardware
still rates it as the best value card in terms of FPS per dollar. I'm
'side-grading' to a Geforce FX 5200 128mb, which is, according to many
reports, a slower card than the MX440, but which will run POP (and
Deus Ex 2 for that matter).
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New Member
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      1st Jun 2011
The game runs perfectly on intel processor pc's using 3d analyser.
Do the following instructions and get rid of it.
(1)Open 3d Analyser.
(2)Select POP in 3d analyser.
(3)Then under 'Hardware Limits(cap bits)' section select all options.
(4)Now under 'Pixel and vertex shader' section select:
force max. pixel shader 1.4
skip pixel shader version 2.0
force low precision pixel shader
(5)Use graphic card Vender ID 4098 and Device ID 20040.
(6)Now press 'RUN' tab in 3d analyser.
(7)Start game not on safe mode.
(8)In game option set fog off.
Now your game will run perfectly on pc but remember that you choose POP.EXE in 3d Analyser not PrinceOfPersia.EXE.
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