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SyncToy Echo Bug

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      23rd Jan 2007
We are testing out Synctoy with laptop users who are backing their
stuff up to a network server. The server applies a quota to each user's
directory on the server.

We set up three folder pairs for Outlook, Desktop and Documents based
on the left hand side being their laptop and the right hand side being
a folder in their network home directory. On each folder pair SyncToy
is set to Echo, all subfolders, not to check file content, run all and
put overwritten or deleted files in the recycle bin.

Everything seemed to be fine until I was setting one guy up, I did a
run all and it reported a whole lot of files in red in the summary. I
didn't look too closely but now I see that red apparently means an
error while copying the file.

While I was working on the server I noticed this user only has a 100 MB
quota and they are using only 92 MB. The amount of data actually stored
in their three folders mentioned above is 1.2 GB.

Evidently SyncToy was unable to complete its operation because the
server denied quota to the next file which was more than 8MB in size
and the operation was aborted.

I reset the user's quota to 2 GB but Synctoy did not copy the missed
files on its next run since it apparently doesn't use whether the file
exists on the target as a criteria for copying it.

The way I'm reading it is that the Echo is just like a mirror. For this
application to be any use it must be able to deal with this situation
where the target drive could become full, and the file is not able to
be copied from the source. Seems it has already marked the source file
as "not new" even though it could not copy it to the target.

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