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Splitter to control 2 fans from 1 controller?

Join Date: Jun 2005
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      8th Jul 2005
Me again!

I've got a Coolermaster fan controller which lets me control the speed of one fan in my machine (presumably by altering the voltage supplied to it). Ideally, I'd like it to control two of my fans, they're both case fans which are next to each other. If I buy a fan splitter cable from overclockers:

Akasa AK-FY320 3 Pin Fan cable splitter (CB-013-AK)
- 3-pin female to 2 x 3-pin male

will I be able to use the controller to vary the speed of both fans? And if so (showing my blantent lack of knowledge about how electricity works) will it slow each fan down to half it's normal speed, or will they both work exactly as intended?

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      8th Jul 2005
They will both work together, at same speed (assuming fans are identical) from one control pot.

There is the current rating of the controller to consider, but imo two fans shouldn't overload it.

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      8th Jul 2005
if the fan controller can handle the combined Wattage of the fans then you'll be ok, work out the wattage by multipling the current by the voltage

so you'll have 12*the current

both fans should change speed with the fan controller

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      10th Jul 2005
I do it now, I have two 80mm exaust fans hooked to one sigle fan controller. It works just fine as long as you have a half way decent fan control. Fans are the same speed as normal, never had a problem yet. Do you really need a splitter?? all my fans have 3/4 connecter, I just hooked them together.

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Join Date: Jun 2005
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      11th Jul 2005
Thanks for the help everybody - not entirely sure about the connectors on the fans yet as they haven't arrived! Just thought I'd check before I connect it all up.
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      16th Jul 2005
The splitter will work fine providing you're happy controlling both of the fans speeds together.
Fan controllers however arent expensive nowadays, so if you are worried you could just get a new fan controller which normally controlls 4 single fans independantly (more in groups if you want to use splitters again). I use a cheap one from Maplin which does an excellent job, and i've even modded my CPU fans connector so that it can also be contralled via the controller on the front of the case.
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