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Setting up Small Network(50) users help! Have 3 W2000 servers!

Lee Salas
Posts: n/a
      4th Sep 2003
I am attempting to setup a network using 3 W2000 Servers,a
and about 50 users. These machines were donated and is
set in an educational enviroment. First of all I realize
that these servers are overkill for my situation but have
to use them. The school budget only allows for a partime
admin. My plan is to use these servers in a split scope
to ensure failover transition. (these are not Advance
servers)Internet connection will be provided through DSL,
and I will need to set aside some IP addresses for laptop
connection. (WIll be using DHCP). The environment will be
only W2000, and XP pro, workstation. I dont need a print
server at this time but will need one. The current network
is now Peer to Peer. The school will be using two software
applications that must be used on a server. I have
limited exp in this area and need hlp setting up a proper
split scope and implementing DHCP, and whatever services I
may need to run. I am more or less asking for whatever
advice I may get. What I really need is an example of a
network similiar to mine and all the components used, and
why. Thanks ever so much for any consideration
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