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Setting up Multiple Displays in TD to be configured during FBA.

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      5th Jan 2010
Hi Group,

I am attempting to develop a Windows XP SP3 embedded image for a
device with three video cards of
same model, using the Microsoft supplied NVIDIA driver.

I want to configure the three different displays setup as 640 x 480 x
32 @ 60hz in an extended desktop fashion.

I can successfully build the image with one video card installed.
With FBA I can set the graphics
cards settings and the FBAChangeDisplaySettings reports Success in the

However when I have more than one card installed FBA fails to sets the
screen resolution of any card.

18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Settings: [640, 480, 32, 60]
18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Found settings!
18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Changing settings!
18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Failed!

Is it possible to have FBA set the resolution for multiple cards
during FBA?

Is there any trick to do this using FBA? Any hints on where to look to
locate the issue. I can do the setup
correctly post boot interactivley, however I want to develop a image
that is completely automated without
any manual input.

Also how do you set the "Extend my Windows Desktop onto this Monitor"
flag? Is this the issue as the 2nd and 3rd cards are not currently
part of the desktop? Is this a registry setting or do I need to write
an exe to achieve this?


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      12th Jan 2010
Hi Group,

I have written a program that extends the desktop across the video
cards that I runonce during FBA, however FBA is still failing to set

18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Settings: [640, 480, 32, 60]
18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Found settings!
18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Changing settings!
18:19:22 - [FBAChangeDisplaySettings] Failed!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look at next to
resolve this?


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