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How to replace char in Ntext field

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      15th Jun 2006
I need help on replace char in ntext data type

Here is the example data

I want result look like this(break 2 parts)
First Column:The Understands what conditions the Account Manager is allowed to sign-off.
Second Column: Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree

This is what i had so far
Select (SUBSTRING(QuestionText, (PATINDEX(N'%<qText>%', QuestionText) + 7),(PATINDEX(N'%</qText>%', QuestionText) - (PATINDEX(N'%<qText>%', QuestionText) + 7)))) From tblExample

my result:

I have problem replace '%20' and how to make the second column.
Any Help?
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