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*** Recall - [1ch] record of domain controller in WINS problem after seizure operation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      26th Jan 2004
Hi David,

So, is there any solution for re-registering [1ch] record 'Domain
Controller' of our seized DC
to the WINS ?

MSFT said there can be 24 record of [1ch], the very first one will be the
1st DC, the rest of them will be other domain controllers.

In my case, the seized domain controller can not register itself [1ch] to
the WINS (WINS is running on this seized domain controller, perhaps, it is
the reason, but I checked my lab server,
the 1st dc with WINS always has [1ch] registerred itself).

If I add additional domain controllers, the new domain controller will be
registerred itself with [1ch] record domain controller in the seized domain
controller's WINS. That's strange.

Do you have any solution for this typical issue David (or the other MSS
forum online ?)
Thankssssssssss !!!


Would really need to dig into wins to tell what's going on, but if you only
have a few win98 boxes and they aren't having any problems, I wouldn't be
overly concerned about it. Dns will be the main road everything else is
wanting to use.

David Brandt
Microsoft Corporation

Original Message:
Hi David,

Thanks for your quick response. I did try to find the record name in WINS by
'*' It could then find any thing left in the WINS, but not [1ch]. The
thing was keeping bugged me if we added another DC in our single domain
network model
(just DC, no roles for it), the new DC will be registerd [1ch] record with
its IP. While the DC (which we seized the 5 roles (+1 PDC role) from downed
1st DC to it)
never has [1ch] record point to itself. That's strange!!!
All other records have registered in WINS but except [1ch] record for the DC
holding 5 roles.
Except that issue [1ch] record for the DC holding 5 roles, we have no
problem at all in our network. Our network has a few windows 98, but no NT4
or NT4 BDC. Our network infrastructure is based on Windows 2000 AD/DC, and
mixed mode.


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