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i really don't like dell

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      12th Oct 2009
hello everyone.

ok so i am the repair guy everyone talks to.

someone gave me a laptop and says they got a virus.
(doesn't really matter)

i boot the system and it loads just right up to the users log in and

ok that's not a big deal to fix.

system restore -didn't work tried 3 times
system recover from hidden participation -didn't work
safe mode -didn't work
last good config -didn't work
(not necessarily the order i tryed everything.)

ok i am getting ****ed here
i have a DELL Vista cd with me.
at this point in time i would be surprised if anyone that reads this
doesn't have one.

now i would love to reinstall vista and say **** it all to the
personal files.

there is no COA sticker.
i call dell
they say try calling the eruo support.

anyway they didn't tell me anything.

i need to lift the cd key from this laptop without the COA
what can i do?
remember there is no boot

file system is intact and i can probably get into the registry.
not sure where and what to look for after that.

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