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Re: Why does MSN make it so difficult to cancel? Don't ever sign up!!!

Stephen Boots MVP-Windows Live
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      24th Nov 2009
Why you would post here, I just don't know, but you can easily cancel
your MSN account by signing in at http://support.msn.com and getting
the customer service number. Alternativey, you go to
https://billing.microsoft.com or Help & Settings in MSN Explorer.

On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 17:24:01 -0800, MSN Sucks Like You Can't Imagine
<MSN Sucks Like You Can't (E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Don't ever sign up for MSN access. It is complete robbery. Even if they claim
>you get 90 days for free. They make you create an MSN e-mail account to
>create access. It is a guarantee you'll never remember it and then you can't
>sign in for account status or billing. They refuse to cancel charges even if
>you've never used the service. Can you imagine any other business that you
>purchase that doesn't have a return policy? I received a letter in the mail
>that conveniently left out all contact information except for the address of
>the MSN access. When you get to that page, once again no contact information
>and no customer support unless you can sign in. If you can't sign in to your
>account you are screwed. I was not provided access number to call until I
>received my credit card bill. Can you think of any other service that if you
>don't use even one time they will charge you anyway?
>MSN are crooks who purposely make it difficult to contact them to cancel so
>that you won't so they can charge you for free.
>Don't ever sign up for the service. It is racketeering plain and simple.

Stephen Boots
MVP-Windows Live
(E-Mail Removed)
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