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Re: video camera not recognized

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      2nd Oct 2009

"J David Ellis" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...

<snipped longwinded and almost coma inducing problem description>

Basically all computers recognise the attached connected firewire device
you are just not getting the "balloons" and a Notification area (system
tray) icon with a couple of XP computers ?

The task bar/system tray/notification area "ballooon" when device is
If you are not getting any "balloons" - such as when anti-virus is updating
or when you connect to the internet etc etc, then "balloons" is switched
The balloon tips can be switched off by a registry hack, third party
or corruption.

If device is not being recognised at all and/or missing icon:
It may well be corruption, see issue on shell32.dll
(You can do your own search on all Shell32.dll patching/workarounds)

A very brief google on the subject found that some resolved
in two ways with such a connected device:
Connect firewire device, power device ON.
Then LogOff (Not reboot) and Logon again with device remaining connected.
If more than one active user profile with those computers.
Logoff, and when logging on again, at password prompt await for startiup
activity to subside - watch front panel light, then enter password.
Implied is a bloated configuration and a slow or fragmented HDD?
But try it.

And a zillion other reasons, from simply it didn't load, goto Start>Run
Type: msconfig
In ensuing dialog under general tab, ensure selected:
"Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services"

Now update those XP computers to SP3 and latest Netframework.
Download and install latest DirectX:

In Device Manager check the IEEE1394 bus host controller is listed and
not flagged with a yellow exclaimation mark, if so:
RIGHT click and from menu select "Uninstall"
Click to comfirm
Once Uninstalled, close all windows and reboot.
On reboot hopefully XP will reinstall the card correctly.
If not and still listed in device manager as problematic, then download
and install uptodate drivers for IEEE1394 bus host controller (do your
own searching for it).

I can be just as longwinded.

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      3rd Oct 2009

"J David Ellis" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Panzy wrote:
>> "J David Ellis" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:(E-Mail Removed)...

> thank you, panzy, for the great list. nothing in the list fixed the
> problem.
> the most important symptom of this problem, at the risk of being long
> winded,
> is the "digital video device" dialog box never appears, in spite of the
> "av/c
> tape device" line appearing in device manager and the audio bong bong when
> the
> camera is switched on. it is those concurrent events that must be
> explained.

In Device Manager you are looking specifically for an entry for your
firewire capture card which if correctly installed will be listed as:
"IEEE 1394 bus host controller"
If listed, the sub-menu should specifically list the number of connections,
and identify the connected device - in your case it is not, "av/c tape
is clearly implying it isn't fully identifying your connected device.

When a device is connected to a firewire port, the "Found new hardware"
wizard should appear and the balloon will change as it installs the device
to identify it, and when ready the balloon will change to confirm it is
installed and identified - in your case it is not. eg: The Canon Vixia if
correctly would be listed as a "Canon HDV/DV".
(The camcorder must be set to "Play" to be recognised when connected to a

The process of elimination ruled out the Canon and the firewire interconnect
used as they work on other computers.

From my "great list" they are all causes, but the obvious ones and the ones
start with are the configuration of the computer - yours is not uptodate,
and the capture card.
The capture card:
You can initially try Windows on-board clumsy troubleshooter -
In Device Manager RIGHT click on a sub-entry
"OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller":
From the RIGHt click sub-menu select "Properties"
Then the "General" tab
In "Device status" it will list either a problem encountered or state
"This device is working properly".
Regardless of status listed, run the "Troubleshooter"
Repeat for each "OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Comtroller" sub-entry.

Cam still not identified/functioning correctly,
Disconnect cam from PC
Open Device Manager
and RIGHT click and uninstall in turn each sub entry:
"OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 host controller"
When all are fully Uninstalled, close all windows.
Reboot, on reboot hopefully Windows will correctly reinstall the firewire
capture card(s) - During Windows loading it will detect the installed
firewire capture card(s) and the "Found New Hardware" wizard will
reinstall them and confirm on completion.

Cam still not being identified correctly when connected?
Now update Windows to eliminate conflicts, bugs, compatibility issues etc

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