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Re: Upgrading hd4850 to fanless card - hd6670 or hd6570?

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      3rd Jan 2012
Am 02.01.2012 00:50, schrieb Andrew Stoker:
> Hallo,
> Looking for a bit of advice on some fanless gfx card options:
> I feel that my fanned hd4850 (~3yrs old) is getting a bit noisy, and
> would like to move to a fanless solution. I've been looking over
> options on QuietPC.com and like the look of the 2 cards below.
> Do both these cards perform significantly better than HD4850?
> Also, is it worth paying the extra gbp24 for hd6670 over hd6570?
> Especially since the gbp24 saved can go towards a quieter cpu cooler as
> well
> FYI, my main games playing atm is Guild Wars, Skyrim, Deus ExHR, L4D1/2,
> Magicka, Warhammer 40kawn of War II and games of that ilk.
> Also watching HD anime& films (H264).
> Need a card that's reasonably future proof for the next few years.
> Sapphire ATI Fanless HD6670 Ultimate 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E HDMI
> http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/pro...sap-hd6670-ult
> Sapphire ATI Fanless HD6570 Ultimate 1GB GDDR3 PCI-E HMDI
> http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/pro.../sap-hd657-ult
> Regards,
> Andrew


The HD6670 will perform a little bit better than the HD6570 but these
two cards are nowadays mainstream (but signficantly better than the old
hd4850) and not so futureproof as the hd4850 3 years ago was. In future
it'll be more difficult to find a fanless card with reasonable power.
Fanless designs can't be high end. Better look for a higher ended card
(6700 or 6800 series) with a bigger fan.

all the best
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      13th Jan 2012
> Thanks for the feedback. Interesting you mention 6700 series, doing a
> bit of searching, I found a couple of fanless 6700 models:
> and
> Gigabyte GV-R675SL-1GI (hd6750)
> Quite tempted by the Asus, although the heatsink on it is pretty monster
> sized, there's room in my case for it, and the prices I can find are
> about what I had budgeted
> Regards

The bigger the heatsink, the better it is for you
The ASUS 6770 will be the correct one for you. It has slightly (yeah, i
really mean a little bit) more power than the 6750. ASUS is a very good
manufacturer and you'll long enjoy working/gaming with this card.

all the best
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