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Re: Powering off the on-board graphics

Gregory Toomey
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      16th Aug 2003
"Gary Lightfoot" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:1Er%a.3478$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I've just bought an Asus A7N266-VM-SE mobo because I needed an MATX
> one to fit in a Coolermaster case.
> I have a Radeon 9600 non pro which I'm using for DVD playback, and
> everything is working fine.
> However, although the on-board graphics is disabled, there still seems
> to be a lot of heat coming from the on-board graphics heat sink.
> Is it possible to power it down or do you just have to live with it?
> I'm currently running the noisy 60mm case fan at a very slow speed to
> reduce noise, but the board is generating more heat than necessary
> from the on-board graphics. Temps seem fine, but I don't want to have
> to increase the case fan speed when the room temp increases in summer.
> Any ideas?
> Cheers.
> Gary.

I have the A7N266-VM and the onboard Geforce2 graphics are included in the
northbridge, which contols CPU<->Memory<->Graphics(AGP & onboard) data
transfers and arbitration.

The passive heatsink is fairly large and the northbridge cant be disabled
since nothing would work.


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Gregory Toomey
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      16th Aug 2003
One more thing - the air coming out of the CPU heatsink will passively cool
the northbridge heatsink
(depending on the orientation/type of CPU heatsink)


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Gary Lightfoot
Posts: n/a
      17th Aug 2003
Gregory Toomey wrote:
> One more thing - the air coming out of the CPU heatsink will
> passively cool the northbridge heatsink
> (depending on the orientation/type of CPU heatsink)


I'm using a Duron 1.3 with a Coolermaster CP5-8JD1F-0L heatsink, and
replaced the fan with a quieter 20db Zalman (a Papst would work the
same). The 60mm case fan was a bit noisy, so I used a fan mate to
quieten it down, and the combination seems to work well, with the CPU
cooler doing as you suggest and leaking air across the northbridge
heatsink, and the case fan extracts it out.

Temps are around 45c when playing DVDs in a warmish room, so I'm happy
with that. :O)



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