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Re: Parent.Page of Parent.Pages

Wayne Morgan
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      7th Aug 2003
I haven't tried this, but what if you put a text box on the Parent report as usual (the
way you mentioned it does work) then refer to the value of that textbox in the subreport?

Wayne Morgan
Microsoft Access MVP

"Jim" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:165a01c35c7c$b3928550$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I have about 60 different reports, and they all have the
> same page footer, which includes a company logo. Rather
> than duplicating it on every page, I've created a subreport
> with the footer stuff in the detail and included it as a
> subreport in the Page Footer section of the main report.
> There are two text boxes that get info from the parent:
> txtReportName: =parent.Name
> txtPageNo: ="Page " & Parent.Page & " of " & Parent.Pages
> txtReportName shows "rptHomeLink" -- that's perfect.
> txtPageNo shows "Page 1 of 0", "Page 2 of 0", etc.
> Regardless of the actual number of pages, it prints 0. Of
> course, using "Page " & Page & " of " & Pages in a normal
> report works fine. Is there another way to get the page
> count of the parent report?
> Thanks!
> Jim

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