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Re: Keyword search across multiple tables

Lars Brownies
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      9th Jan 2010

To search across multiple tables you can use a union query which can be
incorporated in Allen Browne's solution Gina mentioned. A union query
consists of multiple queries of which the order of the fields as well as the
number of fields must be identical. For more info see:


"TJEngel via AccessMonster.com" <u57354@uwe> schreef in bericht
> Hi everybody,
> I am an Access newbie. I THINK this can be done.
> I would like to have a search box on a form where a user can enter text
> and
> click a "Search" button. Clicking the search button will a) run a
> multiple
> table query (on a single field in each table) and b) display the results
> of
> this query in a report for the user to view. I basically need to conduct
> a
> multi-table query with the criteria equal to the text that the user enters
> in
> the text box, and display the results in a report.
> Is this do-able? Or am I delusional?
> Thanks, Monsters!
> TJ
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> Message posted via AccessMonster.com
> http://www.accessmonster.com/Uwe/For...oding/201001/1

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