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Re: IDE and SATA issue

John McGaw
Posts: n/a
      19th Aug 2010
On 8/18/2010 11:25 AM, jay_bee wrote:
> Hi,
> Basically in lamers terms... I had 2 IDE cd/dvd rom drives, i just
> replaced 1 of them with a SATA blu-ray Writer drive. ok, the Sata
> blu-ray drive works perfectly (E drive) but my other IDE cd/dvd drive
> has suddenly disappeared and is not detected and now doesnt load disc.
> The tray opens and closes (so power is ok), the lcd light works when i
> put a disc in, but then tries to load and nothing. Bios doesnt detect
> it, the drive itself doesnt appear anywhere ...ie... bios, device
> manager, disc management.
> Would the problem be that i need to change the drive pin on the back
> from master to slave or vice versa? By the way i havent touched any of
> the cables to that drive, its exactly the same as when it was working
> fine.
> Any ideas? Please help

Were both CD/DVD drives on the same IDE cable before the change? If not,
you may have disturbed something and a simple reseating of the connectors
may make it all right again or, as you mentioned, the jumpering of the
remaining drive could be at fault. The latter would be of no concern if the
drives weren't originally on the same cable though.

What sort of HDs do you have in the computer and how old is the motherboard
and BIOS. There were some peculiarities in systems when SATA first showed
up and before the makers got everything together and occasionally some
weirdness happened when SATA and IDE were mixed as the systems tried to
emulate IDE with SATA (or was is SATA with IDE). In any case this shouldn't
be of concern unless your system was made during the period of confusion.
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