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RE: IBIS toolbar - IE crash

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      1st Sep 2005
hello Kevin

Steps to take if you have spyware that is not removed by
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (beta)
1) Open up AntiSpyware
2) Click Tools at the top
3) Click "Submit a Suspected Spyware Report"
4) Fill out the form with as much detail so they can
anĒlyze quickly

By doing these steps before trying something new, you make
the product better.

Thanks again for testing the betĒ!!!!

Generally, in a case where the item is identified, but not
properly removed, the next steps are:

1) Update both Microsoft Antispyware and your antivirus

2A)Have you tried Mcrosoft Antispyware, preferably while
running in safe mode?

2B)Shut down the computer and turn off the power. Wait for
at least 30 seconds, and then restart the computer in Safe
mode or VGA mode.

Empty your IE cache and your other temporary file folders,
eg: c:\temp, c:\windows\temp or C:\Documents and
Settings\<name>\Local Settings\Temp (the path to your temp
folder will change depending on your name) - sometimes
programmes can be hidden in there - watch out for
mysterious *.exe files or *.dll files in those fēlders.

3) Do full deep scans with Microsoft Antispyware. Repeat
scanning until a complete scan comes through clean. Ditto
with the antivirus.

This isn't guaranteed, but it works for a great many items
that at first appear not to be cleaned in normal mēde.

Also see
>-----Original Message-----
>The windows error reporting shows I have "IBIS toolbar"
>installed on my computer and is causing IE to crash. I
>have all updated microsoft products, Norton IS2004,
>Adaware, Spyware and miscosoft spyware. None of them seem
>to locate anything on my computer. Also I have run the
>IBIS removal tool from NAS and it says nothing found.
>There must be a registry key or something altered as far
>as I can tell.

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