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Re: HDTV versus LCD Monitor

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      7th Dec 2008
(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> I was thinking of getting a hidef tv with a pc input to double as TV and PC monitor.
> What are the cons of using a HDTV with a PC input over a LCD monitor?
> Thanks
> Brian

You want an HDTV, where the PC input supports operation at native
resolution. There are some HDTVs, where for reasons only the designer
understands, they don't support that. I've read a few manuals, and
in some, the PC VGA input supports up to 1280x1024, while the
panel runs at 1366x768. For text display, there would be some
quality loss with those settings. Other panels might support
something close to the native value.

The 1366 value also happens to be a problem for some video
cards. Traditionally, video cards have the horizontal number
divisible by 8. The 1366 choice is not divisible by 8. Choices
would be 1360 or 1368. Some early panels of that size, tried
to resample when that happens. Going from a 1360 input, to
1368 native pixels, causes a visible disturbance on the
screen which is quite annoying. I think more recent products
are a bit more clever about resampling versus black bars.

Some sets also have HDMI. There are video cards with HDMI.
The TV user manual may say something like "this HDMI input is
not intended for usage with a PC". I'm not sure how to
interpret that statement, and also haven't run into anyone
doing extensive experiments with that input option.

Personally, I don't like wide screens for PC use, and prefer
what I've got - a non-widescreen desktop monitor. The
768 number would cramp my style, and to me, would be
like working with a 1024x768 monitor all over again.

The first review here, the reviewer claims to have used the
HDMI input from his PC. This TV is 1920x1080 native resolution.
For a purchase of this magnitude in dollars, download the user
manual before buying.


You'd want a video card with DVI that supported HDCP, or if
there is an HDMI plug on the card, the standards say that
HDCP should be supported. If there is no HDCP, and you
attempt a digital connection (instead of VGA), the OS may choose
to reduce the quality of the picture.


Output Content "Protection" and Windows Vista

Depending on the display technology, some of them suffer from
"burn-in", which means a static display may not be the best
choice for them. A place to look for more info, is the avsforum.
Even the user manual may address burn-in, but don't expect
honesty in a manual.


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