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Re: Frustrated........

Brendan Reynolds
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      11th Aug 2004
Part of the problem is that the questions you have been asking are extremely
open-ended. "What do macros do?" "What does the criteria clause of a query
do?" (It's a clause, not a function). Whole books, or at least several
chapters, could be written around these questions. And as no one wants to
write a book without getting paid for it, many people will avoid such
questions. You're much more likely to get answers here to more specific

That said, here's an example of what you're asking about, using the
Northwind sample database ...

Open Northwind.mdb and open the 'Suppliers' form in design view. Click on
the line between the two grey bars labelled 'Form Header' and 'Detail' and
drag down about an inch or so to give yourself some space to work with in
the form's header section. Select the combo box control in the toolbox, then
click in the header section of the form. Assuming control wizards are
active, you'll see a dialog captioned "Combo Box Wizard". If you don't see
it, delete the combo box you just placed in the form header section, click
the control wizards button on the toolbar, and try again.

Once you get into the Combo Box Wizard, select the third option, "Find a
record on my form based on the value I selected in my combo box". Click
Next. In the second form of the dialog, select the first two fields,
SupplierID and CompanyName. Click Next. In the next two forms, accept the
defaults (this is only an example, after all) and click Next, Finish.

Switch to form view, and you'll find that when you select a company name
from the new combo box, the form will display the record for that supplier.
If you want to see how the wizard does this, switch back to design view, and
examine the After Update event procedure of the new combo box.

Brendan Reynolds (MVP)

The spammers and script-kiddies have succeeded in making it impossible for
me to use a real e-mail address in public newsgroups. E-mail replies to
this post will be deleted without being read. Any e-mail claiming to be
from brenreyn at indigo dot ie that is not digitally signed by me with a
GlobalSign digital certificate is a forgery and should be deleted without
being read. Follow-up questions should in general be posted to the
newsgroup, but if you have a good reason to send me e-mail, you'll find
a useable e-mail address at the URL above.

"BaDonkaDonk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> I don't really understand Access and I used to know how to use it but it

> been a couple of years and I can't seem to figure this program out. All I
> want to do is to make my companies database easier by being able to type a
> name of a contractor we have and all of the information about that

> will come up for an example, the name, address, phone number, etc. will

> show up. I have been trying for weeks to get some help and I don't know

> to do, and access is really starting to drive me nuts. What do I do to

> this problem and get this to work?

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