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Re: How to force a bigger screen resolution?

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      20th Jun 2009
JBP0cketChange wrote:

> How can i force a bigger screen resolution? My current resolution is
> 1360x768 and i would like to make it larger heres my system specs, Hp
> slimline s3700y, Widows Vista Home premium SP1, Video card: NVIDIA
> geforce 6150 se, Monitor: Sony 32" LCD Bravia, usiing RGB input on my
> tv. I updated all my drivers and still no luck... I know its possible
> because on my other outdated computer i can get 1920x1080 with no
> problems and the resolution looks good and not blurry

By Googling around I found this information on the Nvidia forums:


The main point I got from one of the posters about your video card is that:

"It sounds as though you have things working but I wanted to add a further
note. The widescreen monitors require DVI-D I believe. I had a similar
issue when I got my VX2025wm and 7800GTX where I would see the boot screens
then the thing would not display anything unless I went into standard VGA.

"Apparently I plugged my monitor into the DVI-I or DVI-A connector which
does not support the 1680x1050 resolution. After some arguing with
Viewsonic support and them just as frustrated with me and willing to
replace my monitor to shut me up I decided to move the connector and
everything worked."

So you might want to look into what your Sony monitor requires and how
you're connecting to it. If you don't get help on this newsgroup, then you
might try posting on the Nvidia forums.

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