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RE: Crosstab Report

Duane Hookom
Posts: n/a
      10th May 2010
There is a solution for dynamic crosstab reporting at
http://www.rogersaccesslibrary.com/f...b_topic11.html. This
solution basically creates an alias for each of the column heading values and
transforms them into A, B, C, D, E, ...

If your TrainDocName values are fairly static and limited, you might get by
with setting the Column Headings property of the crosstab query.

Duane Hookom
Microsoft Access MVP

"gngsquared" wrote:

> I searched, and tried to utilize the answers I found, but I don’t have the
> skills to make them work.
> I have the crosstab query shown below which works fine when the results are
> in datasheet view:
> TRANSFORM Max(DetailTbl.DetailID) AS MaxOfDetailID
> SELECT EmpTbl.EmpNo, EmpTbl.Lname, EmpTbl.Fname
> FROM TrainDocTbl INNER JOIN (EmpTbl INNER JOIN DetailTbl ON EmpTbl.EmpID =
> DetailTbl.EmpID) ON TrainDocTbl.TrainDocID = DetailTbl.TrainDocID
> WHERE (((TrainDocTbl.SelectRec)=On) AND ((EmpTbl.TermDate) Is Null))
> GROUP BY DetailTbl.EmpID, EmpTbl.EmpNo, EmpTbl.Lname, EmpTbl.Fname
> ORDER BY EmpTbl.Lname, EmpTbl.Fname, TrainDocTbl.TrainDocName
> PIVOT TrainDocTbl.TrainDocName;
> [SelectRec] is a Y/N field. There is a form with a listbox that allows the
> user to check which qualifications meet the customer’s needs and then the
> query runs to provide the results. There are currently 15 qualifications to
> choose from, but I’m sure this number will expand as time goes on.
> The required qualifications may change and the report needs to change the
> column headings to reflect this and that is the problem. If I design the
> report for qualifications A, B, and C when the user asks for E, H, and J the
> report gags.
> Additionally, I have formatted the text box on the report to show either YES
> or – by using the following expression: =IIf([fieldname] Is Not Null,"YES","--
> ")
> Although this works, I’m sure there is a better way of doing it.
> .

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