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Re: Christmas Card registry

Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)
Posts: n/a
      12th Dec 2006
You can make 2 fields in the Contacts Folder:

turn on Advanced Toolbars

change to Phone List View (it's on the Advanced Toolbar and probably says
Address Cards at present)

turn on the Field Chooser (it's 2 buttons to the right of the window that
says Phone List)

Use the New button on the Field Chooser to make a new yes/no field called
sent card and then another new field called got card. Drag those from the
field chooser up beside the other fields (eg First Name).

Now you can click in that field/column to show who you got a card from and
who you sent a card to.

You can group and email merge too!!!! Good for the personalised Christmas
letter my email.

I hope this helps you at least a little bit!

Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Outlook trainer and author of Productiv_IT with Outlook

"I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow." (Woodrow
"Bob''s Wife" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Is there any way to use Outlook as a Christmas card registry?
> Specifically,
> to keep track of who is sent and who sends cards yearly? (S/R columns)?

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