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Re: Can't enter data in Date field on form

Jeanette Cunningham
Posts: n/a
      3rd Dec 2008
Hi MarieM,
2 things to check:
Does the form have its allow edits set to yes.
Check the locked property of the data text box,
- on the property tab for the text boxk
- on the data tab
- if locked is set to Yes, then change it to No.
Open the form in normal form view and see if you can edit the date.

If still no luck:
Look at the query that is the record source for the form.
Open the query in data sheet view and look at the navigation buttons at the
Can you see the * on the right end where you would click to add a new
Check if you can add a new record to this query.
Some queries will not let you add a new record - if this is the case - the
query is called 'not updateable' and you will not be able to edit the data
of this query.
If this is the reason, you will need to make a new query for the form that
will allow you to edit the date.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

"MarieM via AccessMonster.com" <u30856@uwe> wrote in message
> My database contains a form which is based on a query of entity data.
> The Reports form contains Entity information in addition to an unbound
> date
> field called EffDate.
> EffDate has a Default Value of =Date() to display system date
> The EffDate field is referred to in underlying queries of reports which
> are
> run by clicking a command button on the Reports form.The reports use both
> the
> EffDate info and Entity info to run.
> The reports run fine when the EffDate field is defaulted to the system
> date.
> However, the users need to be able to enter other dates in EffDate field.
> I have removed the =Date() default value from the EffDate field, but the
> field will not allow other dates to be entered.
> I checked all the EffDate field properties, there appear to be no
> restrictions.
> Baffled as to how to allow user to enter other dates in EffDate field.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> --
> Message posted via AccessMonster.com
> http://www.accessmonster.com/Uwe/For...forms/200812/1

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