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Re: How can I refer to a row

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      5th Jul 2011
On Jul 5, 5:57*pm, Mark F <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I want to refer to a fixed row in the spreadsheet, but to the column
> that matches the column that the reference is in, but I want to
> use a name for the fixed row.
> for example, Row 2 has the multipliers that I need in the formula, so
> I now have in cell F10
> * * +F$2*{etc}
> For clarity, and perhaps for moving things around, instead of using $2
> as part of the cell reference, I'd like to be able to use a
> "Row label".
> and have something similar to:
> * * +F${Row label}{etc}
> in cell F10
> Does this concept exist?
> I tried Insert > Name > Label
> but it seemed like I could only name a part of a row or a column, not
> define something to be a row number.
> I thought about:
> 1. insert a column,
> 2. label the cell in that column and that row as
> * * *MultiplierRowNumber,
> 3. put +ROW() in the cell MultiplierRowNumber.
> I then might be able to get the value that I am interested in by using
> the ADDRESS function, MultiplierRowNumber, and the number of the
> current cell, but that seemed like it was too complicated to be the
> right way to do things.

EXCEL 2007
Click, for example, the number 2 in row 2 so that the entire row is

Formulas tab / Defined Names group / click on Name Manager.

The Name Manager should open.


New . . .

- in top left hand corner.

Enter, say:-


- in the:-


- field

Click OK then Close.

You can now refer to row 2 as:-


Hope the above helps.

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