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Re: Bootmgr!

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      6th Jun 2008
Go into the motherboard BIOS setup, and set Hard Disk Boot Priority
or Hard Disk Drives to the disk that contains the Vista boot files.

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008 19:45:07 -0500, JamesN <(E-Mail Removed)>

>I've up until recently been running vista 64 perfectly until a couple of
>days ago when i decided to upgrade my computer case and add some extra
>hard drives. i removed each component 1 by 1. and then put it all back
>in place inside the new case with the new hard drives. unfortunately
>when i rebooted i started getting the 'BOOTMGR missing' txt. To try and
>correct it i put my windows dvd in and booted from that. However, after
>getting the msg 'windows is loading files' or whatever it says, the
>system appears to idle (with the default win desktop and movable mouse
>cursor on screen) and I cant do anything. I was hoping to repair my
>initial installation in order to fix the bootmgr error. Any advice?
>EDIT: ive got past that now, it took around 5 minutes though to get
>past. its asked me to repair my startup now and im rebooting... will
>post back asap.

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