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Query Win32_PrintJob causes spoolsv.exe to grow and brings down system?

F. C.
Posts: n/a
      14th Apr 2006
Is this causing spoolsv.exe to grow in memory? Any workaround?
SELECT * FROM __InstanceCreationEvent WITHIN 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA

Finally narrow down to this -

Why the follwing few lines of codes cause spoolsv.exe keep growing / eating
memory? It checks Win32_PrintJob once every second and I guess that has
something to do with spoolsv.exe. It keeps growing and eventually bring
my systems (WinServer 2003 and XP home in my case)

How can I stop it from growing? Any best practice sample codes of doing


Imports System
Imports System.Management

Dim watcherPrintJob As ManagementEventWatcher
Dim scope As New ManagementScope("root\CIMV2")
Dim qryPrintJob As New WqlEventQuery("SELECT * FROM
__InstanceCreationEvent WITHIN 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_PrintJob'")
watcherPrintJob = New ManagementEventWatcher(scope, qryPrintJob)
scope = Nothing
qryPrintJob = Nothing

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