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Problem with IP address allocation in a home network with ICS

Fabre Lambeau
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      30th Jul 2003

I've got tremendous difficulties trying to setup my home
Configuration is:
- 1 computer with 2 NIC, one connected to the internet, the
other for home network (IP:, mask 255.255.255.
- 1 other desktop computer with one NIC.
- 1 laptop, that 4 times a day changes network, at home and
in the office.
All run XP.

The first computer shares its internet connection via
standard ICS. Connection with internet is fine.
Second computer and laptop, I would have liked them to use
DHCP that (according to what I read) comes with ICS, so
that they would get access to the home network. I never got
it to work though.
When manually setting the second computer's IP to something
in the range 192.168.0.x, all works fine, it gets the
connection and accesses the internet without any problem.
Same thing on the laptop. However, in that case, it is not
at all convenient, as I also use the laptop in the office
where we use DHCP. I'd like to avoid typing in a manual IP
address every time I come back home.

I've been thinking of using the "alternate IP
configuration". However, there is a problem with that too
What actually happens is that the laptop (or the second
computer, when I enable client DHCP) get an address in the
range 192.168.234.x. Why this 234 I don't know, but
obviously it shouldn't be that and proof is that this
doesn't allow me to share the internet connection or simply
to interconnect with any machine on my home network.

Any idea what could be happening?

Fabre Lambeau
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