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      13th Jul 2006
I have a form that is larger than 8.5" and the area of the form that contains
the information that I want to print is less than this -- how can I print the
selected record (using File --> Print) only on one 8.5 x 11 page without all
the other "junk" (buttons on the right of my form which don't need to print
but will print on page 2).

Make sense?
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Albert D.Kallal
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      13th Jul 2006
The best approach in these cases is to simply layout and build a report.

Reports are actually for being printed, and thus you can have things like
page number, or all kinds of things that make no sense at all on a form.


forms = good idea for data entry
reports = good idea for printing

The trick is thus to build/layout the report the way you want. Then, place a
button on your form, and have that button RESTRICT the report the ONE
CURRENT record. The following code will do this

me.refresh ' write current record to disk (so report can use data)

docmd.openReport "YourNiceReprot",acviewPreview,,"id = " & me!id

The above assumes your current record does have a primary key of id (most
table do have this....but, if you used something different, then change id
to whatever you used for the primary key of the record).

Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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