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Password Genius

michelle rc
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      20th Aug 2010
you can try to Google Password Genius

> On Monday, December 15, 2008 4:48 PM ZuA wrote:

> Hello all
> Recently I've got a laptop wich came with WIndos Vista HOme Premium
> installed. I decided to put a Password in my administrator account, but I've
> forgotten it...And there is no other open account, just the administrator one
> of wich I've lost the password - I didn't create a pssword reset disk.
> Is there anything I can do? Can You please Help me?
> --
> Thank You for the attention
> ZuAb

>> On Monday, December 15, 2008 5:27 PM The Max wrote:

>> Enable the hidden Administrator account,
>> http://lifehacker.com/341521/enable-...trator-account
>> Logoff, logon using that account, reset your own account's password.

>>> On Thursday, January 01, 2009 8:46 AM Brian Clegg wrote:

>>> but hes saying he cant get past the logon screen cos no password so how can
>>> he enable the built in administrator account to log in from that then reset
>>> his password for the normal user account

>>>> On Thursday, January 01, 2009 4:21 PM The Max wrote:

>>>> On Thu, 1 Jan 2009 13:46:11 -0000, "Brian Clegg"
>>>> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>>> You're absolutely right! I have no idea what I was thinking about
>>>> when I replied. I left out an important part. Thanks for bringing it
>>>> up.
>>>> If the OP is still looking for a fix - and I doubt it since it's been
>>>> so long - entering Safe Mode and logging in as Administrator will
>>>> enable going to the user account area and changing the password on the
>>>> problem account.
>>>> To enter Safe Mode, repeatedly tap the F8 key a couple times a second
>>>> during bootup or a system restart BEFORE Windows starts to load.
>>>> Max

>>>>> On Tuesday, December 08, 2009 6:38 AM Koulfire wrote:

>>>>> hi... i have a similar problem. I am a greek and recently i got a laptop
>>>>> with windows vista home premium on. i created an admin account and then
>>>>> i set a password for the built in administrator... now i've forgotten my
>>>>> password (not the one. for the built in administrator. that one i still
>>>>> remember) but when i boot on safe mode i do not see the built in
>>>>> administrator account... i also have a standard user. Please help. is
>>>>> there any way i can reset my forgotten password or make the built in
>>>>> administrator appear? i tried with command prompt but since i do not
>>>>> remember my password i cannot open it as admin. there is another admin on
>>>>> my computer to but he is abroad and he will be for another month or two
>>>>> and he has not given me his new phone number yet.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Koulfire
>>>>> Posted via http://www.vistaheads.com

>>>>>> On Friday, August 20, 2010 2:50 AM michelle rc wrote:

>>>>>> you can try to Google Password Genius

>>>>>> Submitted via EggHeadCafe - Software Developer Portal of Choice
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>>>>>> http://www.eggheadcafe.com/tutorials...ns-part-1.aspx

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