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OT Microsoft MVP Award given to Adware Pusher?

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      7th Oct 2006
traxor skrev:
> I understand what you mean about it being difficult to uninstall for
> somebody who hasn't a clue, as it were.
> I use patches, but it doesn't mean I agree with the removal of ads etc, as
> sometimes I may feel bad for people who need the income, however like I said,
> Patchou never directly patches anything, or does he condone it.


Well, enough about patches and the spirit about patches in
those communitys.

If you carefully study Randis "Spyware Sucks" pages you can
see how Errorsafe


If a user also drags in this junk or any other fake program
his/hers PC i totally
messed up and maybe a users also pays for this junk with a
credit card.

So this is not only how to understand that a uninstall is
needed for MsgPlus,
it´s often much more junk because of this so called ads.

Install Messenger Plus with the sponsor and find out

Errorsafe, Winantivirus is also localised ads and sends out
during evenings
for users which visits Internets backyard...


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      7th Oct 2006
Anonymous Bob skrev:

> You are correct, sir, the sponsor is now Circle Development, but it's just
> as bad or maybe even worse.
> http://msmvps.com/blogs/spywaresucks.../07/89691.aspx

Hi Bob

From Atribunes blog about this.

"Not only does Patchou use Lop as a sponsor he is a company
officer for C2Media the producers of Lop. "


Circle development and C2Media is the same.


External link to Atribune and his Vundotool.


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