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      4th Mar 2002
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      11th Mar 2002
Firsty I used scan whe it first opened its doors.....The prices were very good the info on the products was ok and the range of products for the IT people was good, also the new web ordering system is good. But since then they have got a little too big for there boots. Sales on the telephone is getting worse. No longer do people have enough knowledge of what they are talking about, but the fact that they are hurrying you all time is quite off putting. The worst thing is the tech support and returns. This is were a company goes from good to suberb in my book. You ring sit on hold and you wait, wait and wait. When you do get through most of the tech support people can barely speak a word of english. Don't get me wrong but if I have to explain things to someone like a child 3 or 4 times then I'm going to get irritated. Also it takes them an age to get stuff tested and returned to you.

So scan, to some up in the words of a teachers report, "Started well, put didn't pull it off, must try harder"
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      17th May 2002
I would have to agree with you about Scan FontBurn.....

I've spent most part of the day trying to get a 128m so-dimm rma'd because they sent me the wrong one. I ordered a pc66 one for my celery laptop, so they shipped a pc-133 ... guess what... it doesn't work

Sitting here, Friday evening, with no rma number, and no way of getting anything done prior to monday.

They suck.... think i'll avoid them in the future.....

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      16th Aug 2002
:angry: the slowest most unhelpful company i have ever dealt with, Please never ever deal with these guys.
mess my order up 3 times.
miss sold goods.they sold 3200 rimm rebadged to 4200. which I had to tell them,(i know this as i peel there sticker of and samsungs sticker said it was 3200
then they charged me an other 118 for the right memory and did not send it. 3 weeks later and i am still waiting.
They may be cheap but they are not a nice company.go to someone else.
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      17th Sep 2002
Scan are possibly the worst company I have ever used! I stopped using them last year but previously had bought most of my PC parts from them.

Everytime there was some sort of problem:

1. The order hadn't been picked(forgotten to)
2. Delivered the wrong parts
3. Delivered an Athlon 900 and said it was a 1200mhz
4. Took over a month to test a CPU before telling me that "It's ok it's only chipped a bit on the core". It wasn't chipped when I sent it to them!

I ended up threatening them with watchdog TV program before I had an apology from the 2 guys who own it.


OK, rant over
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      17th Oct 2002
I always liked the today only section on scan, but recently it has got less and less good, they are never really worthwhile because with P+P it is equally as expensive as everywhere else.

I do still like Scan though because, their product range is wide and varied, I have there are very few shops who stock the stuff that I am interested in, but scan usualy has the kit in, and if not they will often try and get it in for you.

As with many other online stores scan has got worse with age but they still have an edge in product range and diversity.
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      5th Sep 2003
15 for delivery on a mini (8cm) CD mp3 player, come off it scan.
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      24th Sep 2003
I agree that Scan have been getting worse.

I used to be able to place an order and actually get it delivered next day. Now, however next day delivery seems to mean when they remember to pick your order and whenever City-Link pass by to pick it up, meaning indeterminate delays in delivery that you pay anything from 7 to 15 for.

I still like Scan's product range and Today Only, despite the repetition of items every week, but mostly I like their prices.

However, if they don't improve speed in handling orders I may start going to other shops such as Aria.co.uk more.

3 out of 5, OK needs improving.
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      25th Sep 2003
scan.co.uk - bad experience

yes, scan may be cheap but their customer service is dire - either on-line or if - as I did - you waste many hours driving to bolton and back to try and sort out your problem. I bought a motherboard which gave me 5 months of problems, during which time scan told me that the problem was with me and my pc. Eventually, the board was diagnosed as faulty, and repaired by scan. In the meantime, as i could afford no more wasted offline time, i bought another mobo from scan, which works fine. so when i left the faulty one to be repaired, i said i wanted a refund if found to be faulty, but even though it was, they wouldnt refund me so i now have two. On top of this, i have had 5 months of having to use a friend's pc, got way behind with project work, made many wasted trips to bolton (scan hq), and so on. if the goods are fine, great, but if not, you've backed a loser......

the phone no's given for tech support also take a long time to be answered, the "experts" make one suggestion and give you a number to call "IF" their suggestion doesn't work; you ring back, eventually get someone else, and have to start the whole explanation process again! very very frustrating and not worth the savings (if any, given extreme postal costs) that you may have made. I won't be buying from them again and nor will any of my colleagues & friends, who have all seen my experience. I even threatened legal action, having taken advice from local trading standards, and am tempted to pursue this, although as the mobo cost 85 , i feel that further effort and cost may not be rewarded (but i don't want to be rolled over by scan like this!). beware, i say again.....
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      22nd Jan 2004
Placed a near 800 order with Scan 14 days ago for components to build a state-of-the-art P4 system with Dual-DDR (Canterwood). Nothing unusual about the components - all mainstream manufacturers with excellent supply and performance reputations.

When I placed my order, the only item (of the 12 I ordered) out of stock was the DDR memory, which I was advised would be available with 2 working days, and my order would be dispatched as soon as it arrived.

I went away on business for a week, fully expecting the system components to be delivered in the meantime. But no .....

I returned to find that my order had been further delayed because additional items had fallen "out of stock" while Scan were waiting for the DDR memory to be delivered ! In the past week I have recieved no less than 3 emails to inform me that components have been falling out of stock in turn !!! First the motherboard, then the keyboard, then the FDD..... and so it goes on !!!


I haven't got to the bottom of this yet, mainly because I haven't seen a single component from Scan as I write this. And I am not hopeful that I will. If their database is incapable of reserving stock for an order, then I guess it could be 6 months or more before all 12 of the items I have ordered will coincidentally all be in stock on the same day ! An then or course, I'm relying on someone noticing the fact !

Try eBuyer, dabs, Microdirect, CCL, Watford...... in fact try Woolworths b4 you give Scan your credit card number.
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