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      21st Nov 2007
So what they like?

Does anybody here have any experience of them?

General consensus here seems to be to go for Tagan, Corsair or Enermax N'est ce pas?

And rightly so but to me the OCZ PSU's look good, their memory's ok after all. The 600W version is seventy quid which seems fair but not underpriced like those silly cheapo ones such as Hiper.

So, if any of you lovely people have anything good or bad to say about OCZ PSU's, spew forth

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      21st Nov 2007
I've have a couple of OCZ PSU's and are still running fine - they recently took over a top US PSU manufacturer PC Power&Cooling who do some of the best single rail PSU's in the business

If the OCZ own PSU's start (or already are?) getting manufactured by PCP&C then they will be top class


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      21st Nov 2007
Got this link whilst I was looking for info on me Coolermaster psu . Gives you an idea what the OZC psu's are like .




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      21st Nov 2007
actually Ady, Power and cooling PSUs are being manufactured by OCZ.
supposely this means that they will be cheaper- but i havent noticed any price changes

OCZ is a decent PSU maker, but they still a bit player to me

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      21st Nov 2007
Alf - from what I read PCP&C are being kept independant for the time being and are still manufacturing at their own factory.

I was rather hoping they would start making OCZ branded PSU's too, but maybe thats not going to be the case. Either way OCZ PSU's are pretty good in my book, and PCP&C's even better.


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