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Normalizing Tables and Enter Data in Fields Based on Employee Numb

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      22nd May 2008
We had information that was being entered into a spreadsheet that we imported
into Access through the Import command and let it create the table
automatically. This table is used to capture weekly work detail information
for employees (Payroll Table).

We have another table that has all of the pertinent HR detail regarding
employees (name, employee #, rate, etc.). This table was also imported from
Excel. Only updated if new employees are hired.

After reading some of the discussions concerning normalizations I realize
that both tables have the same information in them (but with different field
names) and that the Payroll table should be changed so that the duplicate
fields are not there but only a reference to their information in the
Employee Table. Is this correct?

Employee Table fields:

Last Name (Text)
First Name (Text)
Home Dept (Text)
Emp (Text) - this is the employee number
Hire Date (Date/Time)
Rate (Currency)

Payroll Table Fields:
Payroll (Date/Time)
Employee Last (Text)
Employee First (Text)
Emp # (Text)
Pay Rate (Number) - no calculations are done on this field

The Payroll Table has other fields but they do not relate to the Employee
table. How would I normalize my database to make it better?

I have set up a relation between both tables using the Employee Number.

I have been trying to figure out a way to have some fields automatically
fill in based on information that is selected in the employee # field, i.e.,
first and last names and rate. What is the best way to do this?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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