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No audio. Error messages at http://bnntv.org

don warner saklad
Posts: n/a
      24th Mar 2006
How do you get the audio!?... for
Legal Line: All about the Law. Immigration Law.
The audio didn't work !... from
this cable internet hookup on the iMac OS X 10.3.9

The video did appear.

opened with Windows Media Player 9 Series for Mac OS X

How would a novice user, a neophyte figure out
b. how to set up for the codec?... and
c. what is the codec?... that is supported for

when you select
Legal Line: All about the Law. Immigration Law.
after clicking on the 6th item...
What's New: Internet Program Archive

Two error messages appear.
> http://www.visual-voice.com
> Please wait: Video will take about 30 seconds to a minute
> to begin...

> This file may not play correctly because it
> was compressed by using a codec that is
> not supported.

.. There's no audio !
.. The video appeared.

How can you get the video to play outside of the frame?...
from that window opened up by the BNN website?

A more compatible service is needed than the one BNNTV uses from

e. Is the codec this one?... at

f. Or is the codec this one?... at

g. Or is it another one of these?... at

possibilities ?...
? MPEG Layer-3 ?
? 24 kBit/s, 24,000 Hz, Mono ?

? Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V3 ?

? Windows Media Player 10 ?

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