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Newbie - How to use FaxStartPrintJob??

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      9th Feb 2005
Using VB.
Looked at MSDN, Not able to make sense.
Is there a posted example of full vb code anywhere?


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Nicolas Caron
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      9th Feb 2005
weepecky wrote:

> Using VB.
> Looked at MSDN, Not able to make sense.
> Is there a posted example of full vb code anywhere?
> Cheers

I don't know what are your needs exactly, but I've found using
FaxSendDocument much easier than FaxStartPrintJob...

With FaxSendDocument you basically just need to connect to your fax
server using FaxConnectFaxServer and then call FaxSendDocument to send
whatever you wish to send...

Sadly I don't have any VB sample code to give you since I never worked
on such a project in VB... But anyway I thought you might want to look
at the other APIs like FaxSendDocument...

Hope it helps at least at little!

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New Member
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      17th Jun 2010
i found this link. (but its in c++)


I tried the code but startprintjob() only returns true when the printer name is NULL. Entering a printer name doesn't do anything and attaching the "nullified" printername to CDC just directs the fax job to the local fax service and puts it in the outbox folder.

Anyone knows any solution pls? - I want to be able to send a word document directly to a fax printer machine via a local printer device mapped to the network fax printer (if possible not using windows fax services as i don't have a fax server installed, and sending the fax job silently - ie not showing the driver's fax print dialog/journal).
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