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Networking to PCs via a Crossover Cable

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      23rd Jul 2003

I'd like to network to computers, both running XP. I've
been told I can do this with a Crossover cable, but I'm
unsure of how to configure the software. Please advise.

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      23rd Jul 2003
Hey maw:
Its pretty simple. First you either need to purchase x-over cable or
make one.
The pin outs are like this on one end of the cable. If you hold the
head with the open end facing you and the latch (the tit as I call it)
facing down, pin one will be on the left.
1 white of orange
2 orange of white
3 white of green
4 blue of white
5 white of blue
6 green of white
7 white of brown
8 brown of white

The other end of the cable you want to swap pins 1 and 2 with pins 3
and 6.
FYI: Pins 1, 2, 3 and 6 are for data.
The other end looks like this:
1 white of green
2 green of white
3 white of orange
4 blue of white
5 white of blue
6 orange of white
7 white of brown
8 brown of white.

Cable is complete

Make sure you have your nics configured and TCP/IP installed (binded)
to the nics. In the DHCP setting make one like this:
IP addr =
subnet =
default gateway = (This does not matter really since you
are not connected to the internet via a router. otherwise, insert the
ip addr. of the router here)

One the other system, all settings are the same except for ip addr.
which will be

reboot your systems and you are now connected. try pinging each other.
i.e. on the x.x.1.2 system, go to a DOS prompt and type ping
if you get a reply then all is well.

If you want to share files, you need turn on file and print sharing.
then go to the folder, i.e. mydocuments, right mouse click and click
on sharing. Give it a share name and you will be able to see it
through network network neighborhood.
you can also map a drive to it so you dont have browse each time.
If you need to know how to map a drive, email me at (E-Mail Removed)

Good luck.
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