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need to rank in a query

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      2nd Sep 2010
Hi all here is my problem. I need to find the last vendor for a part
that was bought. I have a table with all of the receipts. The problem
is if i group by the part and vendor and look for the max delivery
date, i get the last time the part was bought for each vendor it was
bought from. i want the last vendor period. example

part ABC was bought from vendor 1 on 8/23, vendor 2 on 8/12 and vendor
3 on 7/25, when i run the query i get this

Part Vendor MaxofDate
ABC 1 8/23
ABC 2 8/12
ABC 3 7/25

all i want to see is this

Part Vendor MaxofDate
ABC 1 8/23

can someone explain how to do this for me?

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