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Need Excel Formula to complete Function

New Member
Join Date: Aug 2009
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      18th Aug 2009
I have two formulas/functions that I need to run on each cell - the first one is the rank which is working fine...


The 2nd function is that I need the cell to be blank if there is nothing in B13. There is another formula that is adding all the rankings up. Currently, putting the ranking formula results in a #N/A in the cell - messing up the entire sheet.

What am I supposed to put before or after the rank formula to keep the cell blank until something is enterred?

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      18th Aug 2009
Please only post a thread once, as having two can get confusing

You'll probably need to use the IF conditional, so that if the cell is blank don't run RANK.

I don't know much Excel, but this might work:

=IF(B13 = "", " ", RANK(B13,$B$2:$B$30,0))
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New Member
Join Date: Aug 2009
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      20th Aug 2009
Thanks that worked - for some reason on the subsequent cells I had to do " " instead of "" - I have no idea why, but it works.. I appreciate it!
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