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Monitoring Local logins by Domain Administrators

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      8th Feb 2008

In my organisation we have implemented dual user accounts for IT
administrators - A non-admin account for logging on and normal use,
and a system admin account for RDP'ing onto servers, accessing network
resources etc.

Ideally the system admin accounts should only ever be used on
workstations via the RunAs command.

Is there a way of monitoring this to ensure that no-one is logging on
locally using a sys admin account?

I have tried using Security Audit Event Logs but they class both local
logon and RunAs as 'Interactive Logon', so I cannot distinguish which
is which.

The only other idea I have is to attach a login script that will
somehow check if there is already a currently logged in user, which
would indicate that the sys admin account is being accessed via runas,
but I am unsure of the best way to implement this.

many thanks.
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