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Modifying the Standard Inventory DB to allow for individual items?

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      14th Aug 2009
I may have lost track of what you have tried, but it may be worth checking
the references:

"Chris Swinney" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi Bruce,
> This appears to be a machine specific issue. I ran the DB on another
> machine and had no problem. I then compacted/repaired the DB and moved it
> back to the main machine and the DB ran as it should until I made another
> change in the code, then it once again stoped execution at some spurious
> point.
> I do often use the Option Explicit statement so that I can explicitly
> declare variables. I don't think my coding is to shabby, its just working
> with access I'm not that clued up on.
> I'm not sure what else I can do here. I might try to repair the Office
> install but I don't hold out much luck. I have asked MS athe question in
> the direct access groups so I see what they say.
> CHris
> "BruceM" <bamoob_at_yawhodotcalm.not> wrote in message
> news:%(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Place the following line at the top of the module's code, below Option
>> Compare Database:
>> Option Explicit
>> Try compiling the code after doing that.
>> Please post the code that is causing the problems.


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      3rd Aug 2011
I'm sorry to revive an old thread, but this discussion is exactly what I was seeking.

No, actually I require a database that does exactly everything as described, but I want to know if anyone can point me in the direction of someone who can build it for me as a paid for project. I have no programming skills though I do have a vague understanding of tables etc.
I have access 2007, but ideally, I would like to input the info via a web browser if possible, so that colleagues can view the records too.

Can anyone recommend someone please, or indeed BruceM, would you consider building such a database for a fee?

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