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Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit

New Member
Join Date: Nov 2011
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      17th Nov 2011
At the company I work for, I've recently reinstalled Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit on two PCs (whose users had deleted them off -- long story). When I set up the Toolkit, I entered all the settings into the profile for that signon. Now, when I open up step 5, I can't get any profile to open up.

Can anyone help me?
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      17th Nov 2011
Have you contacted Microsoft or used Google?

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Join Date: Nov 2011
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      18th Nov 2011
I typed in a question on google, which led me to this site. I haven't contacted Microsoft, no -- I figured this would be easier.
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      18th Nov 2011

I would start there. I know nothing of the software, so I cannot comment on procedure. But from what I see, it deals with drive encryption. That's always something fun to deal with. If you have a profile data file structure for a particular user, perhaps you need to take ownership of the files as an admin of some sort. I see Active Directory for small systems. Again, levels of security. Chances are the software won't open the profile because it does not have the correct key to open the lock. What type of errors do you get when you make the attempt at opening the profile? These would be key points to look for. Or does it just sit there and stare at you like wax statue of a Chuck Norris?


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