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Meeting items - how do you set the expiration?

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      14th Oct 2004
How do you set the expiration date on meeting items such that the
autoarchive - delete expired items (e-mail folders only) works.

Please see the following MS Office help info below and the last paragraph
specifically. We know how to do e-mail messages and it works fine, it's
just the calendar items.

Thanks in advance,

Ed C.

About backing up or deleting items using AutoArchive
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Your Microsoft Outlook mailbox grows as you create and receive items
(item: An item is the basic element that holds information in Outlook
(similar to a file in other programs). Items include e-mail messages,
appointments, contacts, tasks, journal entries, notes, posted items, and
documents.). To keep your mailbox manageable, you need another place to
store- archive- the old items that are important but not frequently used.
You also need a way to automatically move those old items to the archive
location and to discard items whose content has expired and is no longer
valid. AutoArchive takes care of these processes for you.

AutoArchive is on by default and runs automatically at scheduled
intervals, clearing out old and expired items from folders. Old items are
those that reach the archiving age you specify, and may include such things
as the original e-mail you received with the goals for a project you're
assigned to.

Expired items are mail and meeting items whose content is no longer
valid after a certain date, such as a meeting you had four months ago that
still appears on your calendar. Although an expiration date is optional, you
can define it at the time you create the item or at a later date. When the
item expires, it's unavailable and has a strike-out mark through it.

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