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Maintenance Log

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      13th Sep 2005

I want to create a table which has 4 columns.

ID (Primary Key) Machine Name Machine subsection Room
1 MPP1 St12 - PnP
2 MPP1 St22 - Reject
station XP03
3 MPP2 St03 - Vision
system XP16
4 MPP2 St07 - Splice
detect XP16
5 Converter System die station
6 Converter Lane Die station
7 Casting Line Anvil Die

I want to be able to have another table which will be populated using a form
which will allow the user to select the machine name in one field on the
form and depending on the selection it will change a list available in
another field which will allow the user to enter a machine subsection. I
want the second field to be limited to the options associated with that
machine. There is approx 30 machines and each might have up to 20 sub parts
which the user will be able to select as they wish.

They will also be typing in to other fields which will have problems and
work carried out on that machine. This will be used as a handove database
from shift to shift and also for management to query as they wish.

Any ideas or help or examples.



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