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How to live life debt free once in a life time opportunity.

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      21st Jul 2006
Hello, My friends.

My name is Shankar. Please do not delete this message without reading
it, it will take only 2 minutes.

Before I get into anything, I request you to please ask the following
questions yourself and answer the questions that follow below:

1. Do I need a change in my lifestyle and why?
2. Do I have a stable financial situation?
3. Can I spend an hour or two everyday?
4. Do I want to start a business which will fulfill my needs?
5. Do I want to be richer than my boss?
6. Do I want to live a debt free life? (Most of us live on credit and

If the answer to any of the above question is YES, then you should know
about my business.

Let me tell you the benefits of my business.

1. Financial Freedom.
2. Passive Income.
3. Nominations. (You can nominate anyone in your family to get the
benefits of the business after your time)
4. Global Business.
5. One Time Purchase. (You don't have to purchase the product again and
6. No Time Limit and No Quotas. (No one will pressurize you, you can do
the business at your own pace)
7. Low Investment.
8. Weekly Commission. (You don't have to wait till the month end to get
your cheques)
9. No levels and No Percentages.
10. No Depreciation in products. (The products that we deal with are
numismatic value coins, Vacation Packages, and many more)
11. On line Monitoring of Business.
12. Personality Development.
13. World Tour/ Exposure.
14. Helping people to grow.
15. Team Work. (If you decide to do the business that's not the end of
it, we work as partners till you quit)

The key is not so much the product, but the education, the organization
offers. There are many organizations that are only interested in having
to sell the system, but my organization is interested in educating you
helping you succeed with the team.

I would like to share my business with you and we can work as a team to
see El Dora do.

You can personally earn from $250 USD to $15,000 USD per week this is
just the beginning, there is a lot more to go.

If you are interested in knowing more about my business I would request
you to mail me at (E-Mail Removed).( Please do not reply back to
this mail)

Mark my words my friends this is no cheating, and there is no hidden
transactions. You don't have to register now, you can register after
seeing everything.

All you have to do is send me a mail showing me some interest.
Lastly, if you respond to me that doesn't mean that you have to accept
the business proposal.
The response that you send me is just to show me your interest.
I will be waiting for your response.

Once I receive your response I will give you all the details about my
company and the plan to work as a partner.

If you are not interested, I must request you to forward this mail to
your friends and delete it, I am sure someone will be interested in
this offer and you will not receive any more mails from me regarding
this offer. And I promise you that they will remember you for
forwarding this mail to them.




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Al Klein
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      21st Jul 2006
On 21 Jul 2006 10:39:06 -0700, "shankar" <(E-Mail Removed)>

>If you are interested in knowing more about my business I would request
>you to mail me at (E-Mail Removed).( Please do not reply back to
>this mail)

Doesn't know the difference between email and Usenet, but he'll make
us rich. Oh, yes!, I feel very confident about this.
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      22nd Jul 2006
shankar wrote:

> You can personally earn from $250 USD to $15,000 USD per week this is
> just the beginning, there is a lot more to go.

Everyone has dreamt of easy money. People would like to believe it
exists, hence many believe in it. Most however grow up and get real.
No-one is going to hand someone 15k a week when they could just as well
hand them 1k. Just another simpleminded appeal to the purse, aimed at
those that dont know owt about money, and thus will never get any

If anyone thinks this kind of thing is the way to make money, theyre
way off course.


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