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linking form to record

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      28th Apr 2005
I have 1 table: tbl_main
primary key is a field called JobNo

1 query: qry_main (this simply has all fields and just places the JobNo
field in ascending order).

I have 2 forms

I have created the main form where by the user simply presses a macro button
to open up the frm_bldInfo.
But when the frm_bldInfo opens, it does not open with the relevant
information for the record selected in the main form. The frm_bldInfo simply
shows the first record info in the database and not the relevant record
chosen initially in the main form.
Both the forms have their source as the qry_main.

Should I create a second table that has the bldinfo on its own then simply
create a query linking the two tables with the JobNo field ?
thanks for any help.

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Joan Wild
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      28th Apr 2005
John wrote:
> I have created the main form where by the user simply presses a macro
> button to open up the frm_bldInfo.

If you are using a macro, edit the macro Open Form action. In the lower
pane in the Where cell put

If you were using event procedure you would modify the code to include the
where clause

DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_bldInfo", , , [JobNo]=" & Me![JobNo]

Joan Wild
Microsoft Access MVP

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