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Incorrect information in email header (2010)

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      26th Jul 2011
Hi, I have a new laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit) and Outlook 2010 which is set up with three IMAP accounts.

I have noticed that several emails in the 'Sent Items' folder show incorrect information.

Let me attempt to illustrate:

My Sent Items folder shows two emails to 'CelinaL' sent on Tuesday 19/07/2011 at time 10:52pm with subject line 'Hello from Down Under'. The body of the first email shows the correct conversation I had with 'CelinaL' on Tuesday 19/07/2011 at 10:52pm. The body of the second email shows the conversation I had with 'ChrisP' at around 10:25pm on Wednesday 20/07/2011. There is no email in my Sent Items folder to 'ChrisP' at 10:25pm on Wednesday 20/07/2011.

I did not accidentally send the email intended for 'ChrisP' to 'CelinaL'. I have not accidentally stored 'ChrisP' in my contacts with 'CelinaL''s email address in it (in fact I was simply replying to these people in the example I have illustrated).

If I log on to my email account using the web-based email application on my ISP's website, all the information is correct i.e. the Sent Items folder shows two separate emails, one to 'CelinaL' and another to 'ChrisP', containing correct email bodies, different subject lines and showing correct sent times (10.52pm 19/07/2011 and 10:25pm on 20/07/2011, respectively).

The header information in my Outlook is different to the information on my ISP's servers. It appears that my Outlook has (wrongly) applied the header information of one email to a second email (which I sent to someone else about 24 hours later).

The above has happened several times previously. I have deleted and re-installed the relevant account and the correct emails have downloaded. Then it goes and does it again on me. I can't see anywhere in Outlook where I can simply 'refresh' my folder content.

Other intermittent problems I have had are on one occasion an email downloading with no body content (blank email which I had to ask the sender to re-send, which they subsequently did and I received it the second time with the correct body content). My Outlook has also been slow and frequently 'Not Responding' (although, touch wood, it has been much better since I deleted some large emails, deleted/reinstalled the email accounts and switched back to downloading headers only). The latest problem (incorrect To/Time etc information) has happened after deleting/reinstalling accounts and I thought everything was now working fine. I have also made sure I don't have any overly large email files still present.

I can probably put up with the poor performance issues (which appear to be largely solved now), but I need to get to the bottom of the incorrect header information as I consult from home and this makes it a nightmare for me to manage my emails and make sure I do not delete important emails.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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