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HP PSC 2410/2510

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      16th Dec 2003
Greetings. About eight or nine months ago I came this close -> <- to
buying the PSC 2210 but there was 'something' that held me back. Now
that it's discontinued already, I'm really glad I waited.

At the moment I'm looking at the 2410 or, more likely (because of the
networking), the 2510 and I've got a few questions. Any insights?

First of all, on HP's page for discontinued hardware they say explicitly
that there is no replacement for the 2210. I wonder why the 2410/2510
are not considered to be successors to the 2210; they seem so similar:
multifunction, including FAX; six-colour capable, etc., etc.

Also, I have downloaded the .pdf manual(s) for both of these machines (I
say 'manual(s)' because for the features in which the 2410 and 2510 are
the same, the docs are word-for-word the same) and there is obviously
something wrong.

For the 2210, it was clearly stated that the Compact Flash I/II slot
card reader could read the IBM MicroDrive. In the index of both 2410 and
2510 manuals there is an entry for 'MicroDrive', referring you to page
21. But on page 21, where it discusses the photo cards, there is in fact
NO MENTION of the MicroDrive!

In another place, it says that Compact Flash cards up to 1 gig can be
used, BUT it explicitly says 'solid state only'.

So, the question is: can the MicroDrive be used with these printers, or

Finally, are there differences, major or minor, in the functionality of
the Windows and Mac versions of the HP Director software? The discussion
in the manual(s) is quite vague about one feature I am particularly
interested in--sending a FAX directly from the computer. I would hate to
buy this machine and find out that sending a FAX directly can only be
done with Windows.

TIA for any comments.


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