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I Hear Dialing..., I Hear a Connection Attempt..., But no Connecti

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      20th Sep 2004

The specifics; WindowsXP Pro, NetoDragon V56k Voice Modem

*When I turn up the modem volume I hear a dial-tone and the dialing sound,
but it sounds like there is an echo.
*The dialing noise and the dial-tone noise do not seem to be in synch,
meaning that the computer seems to dial but the dial tone continues for a
while after the dialing starts. There seems to be a delay from when the
modem dials to when the phone line realizes the modem is dialing -Then the
phone line may not hear the complete number being dialed.
* Sometimes the modem call is picked up at the ISP, and I can hear those
familar connecting sounds, but again sounds are in an echo and they still do
not seem to be in synch.
* The modem will continue redialing the same or alternate numbers for quite
some time. I can often hear a voice on the phone saying that the
"NumberCannot Be Completed As Dialed..., Please HangUp and Dial Again".
* When listening to the modem I notice an interrupted dial-tone. Not at the
same speed or consistancy as when a message is waiting, but still there.
This broken dial-tone is gone when listening to the dial-tone directly
through a phone.

Everything was working fine. I plugged in a new monitor and for some reason
the modem will not connect. These 2 periphals should have nothing to do with
each other. What is unusual is that this exact problem occurred a few months
ago, I spent hours trying to fix it. My wife (who is not very computer
literate) was able to finally fix the problem , she believes by changing the
dialup phone numbers, she is not exactly sure what she did and she can't
repeat it.

I have checked out and verified everything I can think of, including the
troubleshooting scripts, dialing locations, dialing rules, modem speed and
uninstalling/re-installing ISP software.

Please help, I need the internet. Thanks, Doug

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