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How to get wireless signal strength, speed, status, etc. WMI??

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      31st Jan 2007
(I am not sure the WMI newsgroup is the best solution to my problem, if not
please point me to a better place.)

I have an app that needs to monitor the connected state, signal strength,
and speed of two types of wireless connections. Basically the same info that
the "Wireless Network Connection Status" dialog shows in Windows.

One of the wireless devices is a 3G card that came with a handy SDK that
lets me register for notifications when any of the items mentioned above
change. I have a message handler that responds to those notifications.

The other device is an 802.11x card that has no SDK. I do not have the
option of switching to a different card that has an SDK, so I need to find
another way to retrieve this info. Maybe WMI?

I have no experience with WMI, but it seems that this might be able to
provide me with what I need, although I will probably have to poll for data,
rather than just waiting for notifications, right?

Anyway, can someone point me to a canned example of setting up and using
WMI, and any details I might need to specifically retrieve information from a
wireless network adaptor? I am not using .net, just "plain old" Visual C++.

OR... if there is a better/easier/cleaner way to grab this info, I'd like
to hear about that as well.


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