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How to get 4 positive quadrants in xy scatter graph

Join Date: Nov 2009
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      14th Nov 2009

I am trying to create an xy scatter graph with four POSITIVE quadrants, is there any way to do this? I can only seem to get:

x positive, y positive
x negative, y positive
x negative, y negative
x positive, y negative

I would like both x and y to go from 1-7 with the axis intercepting at 4.

Alternatively, I have seen this:


however, I cannot get any further than doing the coloured quadrant background, i.e. can't figure out how to put in my real data as I am using Excel 2007 and the instructions are for the old excel versions.

Please help!

Thank you x
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New Member
Join Date: Aug 2011
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      10th Aug 2011

Did you get any solution for 4 positive Quadrant.
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