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Fixing broken file association in Windows 2000 Professional

New Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
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      2nd Jul 2010

My computer has been disabled by a massive virus/malware infection. I managed to delete almost all of the bad stuff except "System.BrokenFileAssociation" which is located in "HKCR\.exe". I am unable to see this program (yes, I have made hidden files visible), and it still paralyzes all and any action I'm trying to undertake.
How can I get rid of it? Please remember that I cannot run any programs except the Super AntiSpyware scan. My operating system is Windows 2000 Professional, and I am staying offline (I'm writing this from a Mac laptop.)

Many thanks,

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Ian Ian is online now
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      2nd Jul 2010
Hello and welcome to the forums

Can you try the following to restore access to run exe files:

Open the File Types dialog from any Explorer window -- use My Documents or My Computer (Tools | Folder Options | File Types Tab). Scroll down to where .EXE would be in the alphabetical order and make certain .EXE is not there (if it is, then edit it there by changing the association to Application). Finally, select the New button, type in EXE for the extension and select the Advanced button. From the list pick "Application."
Do you have a proper anti-virus on the system? SAS is primarily an anti-spyware scanner and not a fully fledged anti-virus solution.
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Captain Crunchie, Retired
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      2nd Jul 2010


“I am the dreadful menace. The one whose will is done. The haunting chill upon your neck. I am the Conundrum.”
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Join Date: Jul 2010
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      2nd Jul 2010

Thanks for the suggestion - it is possible, even though it seems that this glitch has been fixed in May already - but why my computer is still not recognizing any .exe commands? By the way, I have downloaded SAS only after things started happening, and it is the only scan that's still working, everything else is just paralyzed...
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      3rd Jul 2010
Many thanks, Ian, it seems to be working! I checked for .exe, did not find it, then typed EXE, etc. I got a message that this program was already running and would I like to enter it again. I said yes, with some hesitation, and now all my programs and even external downloads are functioning again, albeit the start is quite slow. Should I still be looking for that "already running" exe program?
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      4th Jul 2010
Even though my access to email and other files has been restored, I still have a few issues: one, after a short period of time when I could access my "Add/remove software", it is now blocked again; two, the "exe" function disappears right after I insert it into the file types box. What can I do?

PS. I have installed System Suite 7 as a protection/repair program.
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